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Every Town Needs a Newspaper

(picture: David Immler delivering newspapers in 1945 on Brookside Court, Norton, OH.)

Every town needs a newspaper.

Everyone has a story to tell.

A couple of entrepreneurs who grew up here return to their old stomping grounds of Barberton and Norton and they’re embarking on a project that’s unique for the 21st century: they’re opening a newspaper. Not only a website and social media accounts, but a true get-your-fingers-smudged-with-newsprint newspaper! Fans of the longtime Barberton Herald, they’re acknowledging the past while moving forward with a fresh take on the news. Want to be a part of this exciting project right from the beginning? Here’s what we’re looking for: people who love their town. We’re looking for storytellers, photographers, news gatherers, contributors, sports enthusiasts – any age, any background. We want voices of all ages, all backgrounds to truly tell the stories of our beloved communities. Come along for the ride! Email with any questions and to express your interest and to give us ideas, tips and more! Hang on – this is going to be fun!

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