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Lucas and his chickens: Norton 9-year-old wins Grand Champion Market Chicken pen at fair


Lucas Croasmun, 9, a Norton Elementary fourth-grade student, earned Grand Champion Market Chicken pen this week at the Summit County Fair.




NORTON  A Norton Elementary student completed his first 4-H project and his hard work took him right to the top at the Summit County Fair.

Lucas Croasmun, 9, a member of the Hutch Bunch 4-H group, which specializes in mainly rabbit and chicken projects, won the Grand Champion Market Chicken pen this week at the Summit County Fair. The auction was set for 5 p.m. July 29.

Croasmun will be starting fourth grade this year. His dad, Andy Croasmun, shared that his son plans to continue doing projects in the future.

“He’s expressed interest in having a chicken that can stick around a bit longer than the market chickens,” Andy Croasmun explained. “He became involved following in his older sister’s (Molly) footsteps.”

Molly was awarded Fair Junior Princess and raises rabbits and the third place market goat, Croasmun said. Lucas also has a younger brother, Ethan, but he has not caught the animal-raising bug as much as his siblings.

“Lucas’ favorite part about raising the chickens is the end result,” Croasmun wrote in a message to The BGNN. “While we are not a traditional agricultural family, he’s enjoyed the process of seeing where chicken at the grocery store comes from. He also says that he is looking forward to the sale and seeing how much his chickens will sell for.”

Croasmun shared that his son had a particular fondness for one of his chickens that didn’t grow quite as fast, “thereby earning the name Smalls.”

The witty 9-year-old also enjoyed coming up with various food-themed names for his birds, his dad shared, like “Teriyaki, Legs, Tenders, etc.”

When Lucas is not taking care of his chickens, he plays baseball in Norton and enjoys playing video games and building with LEGOs.




  1. Paul Everitt on July 29, 2023 at 5:15 pm

    We’ll done Lucas, that’s a great achievement for you and your beautiful looking chickens. Congratulations! 🎉🍾🎈😃

  2. MOLLY LOL on March 25, 2024 at 9:50 am

    LOL he is my brother

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