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The first week is in the books. The community support has been amazing. The phone has been ringing off the hook and we’ve been bombarded with questions. In response to the calls, we’ve decided to do a “Frequently Asked Questions” column.

Will the Hodge column be in the Gazette?
Yes, we heard from Hodge last week and he told us he will start sending the column to us starting next week.

I received a newspaper for free in the mail but my friends did not. Are you sending out free newspapers?
We are sending out a limited number of free newspapers for our first two editions.
We don’t have pinpoint control over who receives a free newspaper so sometimes, one person gets a newspaper while someone right down the street does not. Another example would be post office boxes and business addresses are two categories who will not receive a free newspaper.

I have recently received a free newspaper. When free editions end, where can I purchase the Gazette?
We will have a list of retailers in this edition with many more to come.

Why didn’t I receive a refund from my last subscription?
We are not affiliated with any previous newspaper in the community.

I didn’t see very much news from Norton. Will you be covering more Norton news in the future?
Yes, we will be covering all news stories in the 44203 zip code. It will take us a few weeks to catch up on things going on in both communities.

I didn’t see a crossword puzzle. Will you please put puzzles in your newspaper?
Yes we will. Look for one in the next few weeks.

There were no letters or phone call messages in the newspaper representing the people in the community. Will we be able to voice our opinion?
Absolutely. We encourage letters to the editor and they don’t have to be actual letters. You can send us an email or a text. If it’s a short comment, you can even leave it on our answering machine. The one requirement is that you must attach your name to it. Anonymity is not productive and not a normal standard in newspaper journalism. As long as we can verify the author and attach a name to it, your comments are welcome here!

This newspaper is a product of the people who reside here. If you have a suggestion, we’re listening. I’ve never known the people of Barberton or Norton to be shy when it comes to voicing opinions so feel free to let us know what we’re doing right and what we need to improve on.

Thank you for supporting your new community newspaper!


  1. Kathy Miller on August 31, 2023 at 1:34 pm

    Your coupon says we can pay by phone but I can’t find your phone number anywhere either on the paper or your website. .Also there doesn’t seem to be a CONTACT US option on the website. I really want to subscribe to your paper and I’m glad that there will be a Barberton newspaper. Please print your phone number somewhere on the paper ..In the meantime I suppose I must use snail mail.

    • Editor on August 31, 2023 at 1:48 pm

      I apologize for the typo. We realized it after we went to print. You can call us at 330-760-0720 or you can call me direct. Kurt 330-936-5618. You can also just send us an email to and we can get your subscriptions started an invoice you later. Thanks!

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