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POLICE BLOTTER Barberton, Norton crime reports

Reports are public record and have been gathered from Barberton and Norton police departments.


Sunday, July 9
• A Fairland Road man came home drunk around 1 a.m., got into an altercation with his girlfriend and called 911. He said she hit him in the head. She said he woke her up arguing and she just wanted to be left alone. Neither wanted to press charges, the report states, and he agreed to sleep downstairs on the couch, which she said was fine.

• Around 5:30 a.m., a vehicle was found abandoned alongside E Robinson Avenue. It was apparently disabled hitting a large rock on the roadside. No one was around; the vehicle was towed to the impound lot and police were investigating.

• A woman heard a thud around 11:30 p.m., looked out and saw two boys and two girls running between her and a neighbor’s house. One of the boys admitted accidentally throwing a rock that hit the house, the report states. The rock caused no damage; the kids were charged with curfew and turned over to their parents or guardians.

Monday, July 10

• A Wooster Road W woman told police a 23-year-old woman hit her in the head during an argument, grabbed her child and left. A warrant was issued for the woman’s arrest.

• Someone stole a Frederickstown man’s truck while it was parked at a 19th Street NW address.

• Around 5 a.m., a man was found lying near the intersection of Taft Avenue and Fifth Street NE, a packet of white powder near him. He allegedly admitted it was fentanyl and he’d snorted some. He was taken to Summa Barberton Hospital and the powder was tagged into evidence.

• A man told police he was helping a woman move out of an Elson Avenue address, got into a disagreement with the man living there and that man hit him with a stick. Police made no arrests because they couldn’t determine who was at fault.

• A man was busted for paraphernalia and possession when he was allegedly caught around 11 a.m. smoking weed with his girlfriend at Tuscora Park.

• Police got a call from a Wooster Road North store about a known shoplifter. Confronted, the 33-year-old woman reportedly gave a fake name and pulled out $281.65 worth of merchandise she’d stuffed into her purse. Police also retrieved a packet of powder she allegedly told them was fentanyl. Police eventually got her real name and learned she had a felony drug warrant out of Medina County. She got a couple summonses for theft and obstruction of official business and was delivered to Medina deputies.

• Someone tried to open a fraudulent credit card account in an Eighth Street NW man’s name.

• An E Paige Avenue woman complained a man asked to use her bathroom and then blocked himself in and wouldn’t come out, even briefly starting a small fire. After she and the man’s mom failed to coax him out, his brother finally did. Police found him a short distance away and discovered a packet of white powder on him. Charges were pending lab analysis.

• A Hazelwood Street boy allegedly threw a tantrum when denied money to buy something, spitting on his cousin’s feet and threatening to blow up the house. He was arrested for threatening domestic violence and deposited in the Summit County Juvenile Detention Center.

• Someone damaged a W State Street woman’s vehicle trying to break into it.

• A man stopped at a Fifth Street NE convenience store with his truck and trailer, leaving the truck running while he went inside. He returned to find both gone. Security video showed a man and woman near the truck, with the man getting in and driving off and the woman continuing on foot. An app pinged the truck on Newton Avenue. Police went there and found the truck and trailer with a woman who looked like the one in the video walking nearby.
Police say the woman spun many lies but eventually got her to admit the thief was her boyfriend and she produced the truck’s key from her underwear, the report states. Nothing was missing; charges were pending an investigation. Both the man and woman were released until it was finished.

Tuesday, July 11
• A 31-year-old woman was arrested in Wooster on a Barberton bench warrant. She was picked up and delivered to the Barberton City Jail.

• An E Huston Street man said he was scammed trying to find a place to rent.

• A 50-year-old man was arrested for aggravated menacing for allegedly threatening to get a gun and shoot his roommates.

• Police say a little before 4:30 a.m., a 33-year-old man was driving up 31st Street SW, ran over a line of trash cans on one side, careened across the street and hit a utility pole, snapping it and putting lines in the road. They say he staggered out of the car and up to a house, pounding on the door to be let in, the report states. The man, who has four previous OVI convictions and a suspended license, was allegedly visibly impaired and smelled strongly of alcohol but refused all tests. Nevertheless, he was cited for another OVI as well as driving under suspension, hit-skip and failure to control and released to paramedics.

Wednesday, July 12
• Police got a call around 5 p.m. about a man lying on a sidewalk in front of a 23rd Street NW address. The man was apparently drunk and unable to stand or walk. He was taken to Summa Barberton Hospital.

• Around 9 p.m., a First Street NW father and son reportedly argued over the father’s cat litter box being moved. The dispute stayed verbal and both agreed to stay in separate apartments for the night.

• Three young men egged a Dogwood Lane woman’s house. This has happened frequently and this incident was caught on security video, the report states.

• A 27-year-old was arrested in Stark County on a warrant out of Barberton for failure to appear on a driving under suspension charge.

• A Van Street woman said bikes and tools were stolen from her unlocked shed and she saw them for sale later on her neighbor’s Facebook page. The neighbor claims he found one of the
tools while scavenging on the West Side and knows nothing of the bikes.

• A 77-year-old man was cited for hit-skip after allegedly backing into a car at a Sixth Street NW address and then leaving.

• Police pulled a car over for not stopping at the stop bar at Wooster Road N and W Hopocan Avenue and found a little weed in a passenger’s purse. The woman tried to claim a religious exemption for witchcraft but was denied. The 23.9 grams of pot was seized and the driver was given a warning for the traffic violation.

Thursday, July 13
• A 41-year-old man was found at Lake Anna Park, where he is banned, and was arrested on a criminal trespassing warrant out of Barberton Municipal Court.

• A N Summit Street man turned in a BB gun found behind his house.

• A couple of men in hoodies egged and TPed a N Azalea Boulevard man’s house around 2 a.m. He suspects an ex-boyfriend of his daughter, the report states.


Sunday, July 9
• A Cleveland Massillon Road family told police a man with long blond hair and a green tank top slowed down in a white car, possibly a Honda, and tried to kidnap their 11-year-old boy by grabbing his wrist. The boy was able to pull away and the car kept heading north.

Monday, July 10
• An unemployed Laubach Drive man got a job offer seemingly from a real New York company. His contact asked him to make purchases on his own account subject to reimbursement until a corporate credit card could be sent. This amounted to $177,000 in technology products but all efforts at reimbursement turned out to be fake and the products he bought all went to Hong Kong.

• Around 5 a.m., a person got into a 2003 Ford Mustang at a Barber Road dealership and rammed three gates with it. The thief abandoned it, heavily damaged, about 100 yards down the road, returned to the dealership and drove off in a 2008 Cadillac Escalade.

Tuesday, July 11
• Someone stole a motorcycle out of a Wadsworth Road man’s garage.

• An officer spotted a 58-year-old man riding a bike on Cleveland Massillon Road and knew he had a misdemeanor warrant against him out of Barberton Municipal Court. He was arrested and delivered to the court and his bike was dropped off at his house.

Wednesday, July 12
• Someone swiped a trailer from a Wadsworth Road address.

Thursday, July 13

• An officer spotted a car on Interstate 76 with an illegible temporary tag and pulled it over. Police say the tag had expired in May and the 31-year-old driver allegedly had a suspended license and several spent hypodermic syringes. She was cited for driving under suspension, expired plates and possession of drug abuse instruments.

• A passerby found a BB pistol at the intersection of Johnson and Medina Line roads.

Friday, July 14
• A car bolted from a criminal investigation in Barberton around 4:30 p.m., heading up Barber Road to Interstate 76. Norton Police picked up the chase, taking it onto Wadsworth Road into Copley, reaching speeds up to 80 mph; police say the car charged through several red lights during the pursuit. Copley officers then joined. Officers lost sight of the car around Smith and Medina roads. A warrant for felony failure to comply with an order or signal of a police officer was typed for Master Khyle Leigh Cook, 29.

Saturday, July 15
• Someone opened a fraudulent unemployment claim in a Debbie Lane woman’s name.

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