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BARBERTON CITY COUNCIL Resident: Anna Dean Park “in dire need of repairs”



Gazette Staff Writer

BARBERTON  Roughly a dozen users of Anna Dean Park brought their concerns forward to city council July 24.

This was a fraction of about 30 who surprised 3rd Ward Councilman Shorter Griffin the previous Thursday during what he’d thought was to be a walk-through of the park with a single constituent.

Barberton City Council has its individual committee meetings immediately preceding its semimonthly legislative or Committee of the Whole sessions. The residents voiced their concerns during council’s Parks Committee meeting that evening. Several spoke but the issues were best summarized by neighbor Robin Adair, who said he walks in the East Side park daily.

“It is in dire need of repairs,” Adair said.

Adair said the asphalt walking path was seriously degraded, creating a trip hazard. Water pools along a section of the path, he
said, rendering it impassable after a rain.

“Some trees have blown down against other trees and could come down over the path, creating more hazards,” Adair said.

Mayor William Judge said the park’s woes are “on the (administration’s) radar.” Drainage would be handled first, part of a broader storm water mitigation program on the East Side. Deteriorating benches will also be replaced and he said he would have the service department handle the path problems soon.

Parks Commission Chair Tom Harnden said the commission has applied twice for a grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to handle maintenance issues and would try again.

Parks were up front in the legislative session that night, with city council passing legislation hiring Fabrizi Trucking and Paving for this year’s sidewalk program. In addition to walkways on nearly all First Street NE as well as stretches of Ford Avenue, Second Street NE and Brady Avenue, the $551,367 contract includes the foundation pad for the skate park, to be installed in Decker Park. Council also approved the $284,100 contract with American Ramp Company for the rest of the skate gear.

Another ordinance hiring CXT Inc. to build restrooms at Decker for $160,000 also passed. Council amended an earlier ordinance, increasing the appropriation for park security cameras to $157,000. The additional money will add Lake Anna, College, Avilee Webb, Decker and Edgewood to the list of monitored parks. When finished, all but a couple of the city’s
smallest and most obscure parks will be covered, parks director Don Patterson told council.

A measure paying SNC Construction $150,169 for renovations to the main fire station passed, along with a $39,000 appropriation for new body cameras and Tasers for the police department.

Council approved a grant request to the Ohio Public Works Commission for three water line replacements. Another grant request, requiring a 50 percent match from the city, will be heading to the Our Town Grant program. These grants pay
for public art installations.

Council also voted to repeal the city’s ordinance governing taxicabs.


  1. Janet on July 31, 2023 at 8:31 pm

    You just describe most of the streets in Barberton I think the streets still repaired more than that does anybody else agree

  2. Beth on August 1, 2023 at 1:56 pm

    It’s called the roads okay it’s called the roads the roads need repairs not the parks you are focusing in the wrong direction we use the streets 365 days a year we don’t use the parks 365 days a year so really let’s think about the situation here and how crappy these roads are truly crappy and the sewage there’s not I don’t see a drain in a black radius of my house but I have to pay $4 a month you guys are focusing on the wrong thing and it’s ridiculous really from an individual that’s a resident in Barberton who is praying to God that she gets out of Ohio soon the lone Barberton and she was born at Barberton Citizens Hospital 17 years of owning a house here in Barberton has changed the way I look and see Barberton and I don’t know longer want to be a part of it anymore you guys are looking at the wrong thing do you understand the words coming out of this sentence wrong direction fix the freaking roads not the parks I don’t hardly even see people at the parks come on guys they’re all at home playing video games or out and about or whatever just that’s horrible just horrible. Focus on the right thing not the wrong thing step out of the picture maybe for a minute. We are town that is in poverty and our mayor has a freaking bus there’s not even 30,000 people in this town I don’t believe that Akron mayor has a bus but follow your dreams follow your dreams good God.

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